A boutique lifestyle venue.

Breathe is
your space
to be.

Breathe Yoga Studio in Howick KZN Midlands
Breathe Yoga Studio in Howick KZN Midlands
Breathe Yoga Studio in Howick KZN Midlands
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Breathe yoga studio, a boutique lifestyle venue with a studio and consulting room in Howick in the KZN Midlands. Home to yoga, pilates, dance classes and more.

Our studio is available to facilitators and wellness consultants and their clients on either a weekly or once-off basis.

Our ethos is sharing experiences that are good for the planet and her people.

Breathe Yoga Studio in Howick KZN Midlands

Inviting You

Join one of the many classes hosted at Breathe studios. Yoga, pilates, dance... there is something for everyone.

Breathe Yoga Studio in Howick KZN Midlands

Inviting Teachers

Our studio rates are standard for all teachers, regardless if you have 10 or less people. We also have a consulting room overlooking our beautiful gardens - the perfect place to host your next workshop.

Breathe Yoga Studio in Howick KZN Midlands

Inviting Children

Yoga provides balance and calm for everyone. We have lessons aimed at children. Check our schedule or send us a message to find out more.


A space to connect,

A space to be you,

A space to breathe.


Click on our Google Calendar below for more information on each class.
Please contact the teacher directly to book a place in the class, or to find out more information

OUR Yoga Teachers

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Carol Segal / ShantiCarol

Alignment Based

Carol shares a dynamic class, aligned to yoga philosophy, she is committed to teaching the life skills which yoga offers. A Breathing Coach, Carol facilitates wellness in the workplace workshops. The transformation which breath brings is a fascination for her. Carol is currently completing her third yoga teacher training in the Iyengar tradition. Find our more about Carol and her yoga retreats at CarolSegal.Com

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Simone Burger

Hatha Yoga

Our very own yoga poet, Simone has an enchanting voice which soothes and uplifts her clients. A certified 200hr classical hatha teacher, Simone shares creative and lyrical classes including chanting and marvellous music in some of her sequences. Classes focussed on self-inquiry, breath and awareness. Simone’s approach to yoga is both spiritual and traditional in nature.

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Jacqui Meyer

Kundalini / Fascia Release

Jacqui shares a vibrant Kundalini class, which reboots the nervous system. Jacqui’s Friday lunch time classes are a delicious treat for
the body to recalibrate, reset. You must try one of these classes if you feeling fatigued. A wise and caring life coach, Jacqui brings focus and compassion to her clients.

Mandy Crooks

Mandy Crooks

Iyengar Yoga

An experienced Iyengar teacher, Mandy shares creatively sequenced classes focussing on alignment techniques. With abundant experience, Mandy mentors some of our yoga teachers. A kind, wise and skilled yoga teacher.

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Jacqueline Acres

Iyengar Yoga

Yoga found Jacqueline, as a 19 year old pilgrim to India and set her on a lifelong path of healing, learning and wisdom, which has blossomed as a deep love love for the art and science of yoga. In 2011 she was awarded her Junior Intermediate 2 by the UK Iyengar association. Her energetic and dynamic style is rooted in precision and alignment, with a philosophy of non-duality. She shares yoga classes which require stamina and focus, ideal for experienced yogis as well as committed beginners.

Breathe Yoga Studio in Howick KZN Midlands

Sara Mattison

Hatha Yoga

Sara shares meaningful classes, with accurate adjustment tips. A proficient and compassionate teacher, Sara has completed her 500hr Hatha teacher training as well as Yin Yoga. She is currently completing her Iyengar teacher accreditation. Sara is committed to her personal practise and her depth of yoga experience is evident in her yoga sharing. All levels welcome.